This is a collaborative project with Julio Colon III aka "iA" (intellectual athleticism). He was the creative director and I handled the footwear design and development.
Form inspiration came from this sculpture I saw at Centre Pompidou in December 2021. 
I wanted to capture a similar surface tension and remix it with the familiar and traditional loafer seam.
Some initial exploration through VR modeling in Gravity Sketch.
Rough pen sketches that captured some of the first gestures of the Mule 1.
Giving the idea contextual form and proportions.
The first Mule 1 sample was printed by Sintratec in Swizterland using SLS printing technology. This meant the midsole volume would need to be hollowed out and have some kind of "lattice" to provide flexibility and reduce weight. 
First SLS print on foot.
After sharing the SLS design I began to pursue an FDM version of the Mule 1. This became an opportunity to launch the Mule 1 with Zellerfeld, a 3D shoe printing company.

Here is the development of that FDM version:
Working on refinement of the 3D file so that it can be produced by Zellerfeld.
No factory labor. No extra waste. Reduced carbon footprint. 100% recyclable. Printed to your foot scan.
First Mule 1 sample from the Zellerfeld machines.
First Mule 1 sample on feet.

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